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I’m in a Loving, Committed Union. I am Additionally Polyamorous.

I’m in a Loving, Committed Union. I am Additionally Polyamorous.

My monogamous buddies don’t have it, therefore permit me to explain.

The other day, the individual I’ve been dating for the previous four months and I also had The Talkв„ў (you know the only: “So what are we?”) and reached “partners.” Certified romantic lovers! This could perhaps not look like that big of a deal because i am polyamorous, however it ended up being nevertheless a huge minute for me personally. It signaled to your individual I became dating that i am in this for the long-haul. This is not just a COVID cuff or whatnot.

I became excited, and so I told my buddies and family members. These people were delighted in my situation but additionally somewhat confused. In reality, I experienced a close friend ask me, “Is there really any distinction between everything you had been doing and exactly what you’re doing now, since you’re polyamorous? It is possible to nevertheless date and rest along with other individuals.”

I’ve been polyamorous for a long time, and each time I land in a new “official” relationship, people make inquiries along these lines. Just what exactly does it suggest now you’re partners? Does any such thing in your relationship really alter now you’re lovers? You’re nevertheless polyamorous, right?

Each one of these concerns stem through the exact same host to confusion: how could you be dedicated to a partner (or numerous lovers!) whenever you’re maybe not monogamous?
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