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SCAM OF THE WEEK: “The Employer Needs iTunes Present Cards For Clients. NOW”

SCAM OF THE WEEK: “The Employer Needs iTunes Present Cards For Clients. NOW”

Should anyone ever wondered if those iTunes present card phishes actually work, start to see the under e-mail trade.

Yep, that overzealous worker really drove around city from shop to keep picking right up iTunes present cards when it comes to crooks because there is a limitation from the amount of cards that might be purchased at any one shop at once.

All told bad Emily purchased TWENTY $100.00 iTunes gift cards of these crooks. Still even even even worse, she place them ON THE OWN PRIVATE BANK CARD!

Wonder if her business shall reimburse her? Kinda have a pity party on her. Often it will help to have safety understanding training from your own company. Emily had not been trained. You shouldn’t be Emily.

This can be a e-mail change in chronological purchase. Note the right time stamps will be the originals and from various time areas. Names are changed to guard the innocent. John Carpenter could be the executive this is certainly c-level of” and ended up being spoofed by the guys that are bad.

From: John Carpenter Sent: To: Emily Walker Topic: Respond

Inform me if you’re available. There will be something i want you to do.i’m going into a gathering now with restricted telephone calls, therefore reply my email just.

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Topic: RE: RespondDate: From: Emily Walker To: John Carpenter

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